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Focussed Mindfulness in Business

We create lasting change in the performance of your employees by focussing on their work, relationship and life issues at the root. Focussed Mindfulness will:

  • Increase their productivity.
  • Enhance their engagement and loyalty.
  • Build resilience by teaching them how to manage stress, depression and anxiety.
  • Improve team morale and commitment.
  • Reduce ‘presenteeism’ and absenteeism.
  • Increase retention.
  • Give your business a proven return on your investment.

We provide your employees with a set of tools that will give them resilience, improve work/life balance and increase loyalty, teamwork and engagement. We will:

  • Help them to develop a healthier perspective.
  • Coach them to work smarter, not
  • Develop their potential.
  • Give them tools to clear their minds and improve their focus.
  • Support them to deal with distracting issues.
  • Free their minds so they are fully present when at work.

Focussed mindfulness (FM) [link] changes mental hard wiring. It works on the root causes of problems which are usually in the unconscious mind, changing the mind-set, removing clutter and allowing more clarity, efficiency and calm. The practices are cutting edge, developed from the teachings of international pioneers in mindfulness. The exercises are simple, quick and powerful, and can be tailored to address individual issues.  

Ask us how Focussed Mindfulness can help your business.

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