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Launch offer: Resilience Coaching Programme

Posted in Practicing focussed mindfulness on 06/03/2017

Launch offer: Resilience Coaching Programme

Absolute Specialists©in conjunction with the Transcultural Youth Foundation©are offering:

Emotional Resilience for Young People.

Launch Offer

We are offering 20 people aged between 15 and 25 the opportunity to experience our emotional resilience programme in return for some feedback on a first come first served basis.

The programme consists of 5 weekly face to face sessions with a coach with email support throughout the programme. You will be asked to practice the techniques you have learned between the sessions and to fill in a brief questionnaire at each visit and then one a month after you finish the programme.

The donation for the service is £150, paid in full after the first one to one session. This will contribute towards the project so we can reach more people.

Clinics in Leeds, Sheffield, Mirfield, Barnsley and Manchester

About us

Our mission is to teach young people Focussed Mindfulness techniques that will develop their resilience, confidence, wisdom, compassion, values and individuality and their ability to create constructive relationships and become effective change makers in society.

25% of young people are reported to be suffering from anxiety and depression. Self-harming, anorexia and suicide attempts are all on the increase and many others are quietly despairing, having no confidence, sense of purpose or direction in life. 

Focussed mindfulness is an effective intervention. Anecdotal evidence shows that young people who have been taught the techniques are more confident, better able to communicate and empathise and have a stronger sense of their values and worth.

The intervention is brief: a course of 5 one-hour sessions is enough to teach a young person the tools they need to remain emotionally resilient- life skills that will be effective in times of stress and this had the potential to change the course of their lives. As they will develop greater communication, empathy and self-responsibility they will also have a positive influence on their peers and families so the good effects will extend into their community.

They are appropriate for young people from the age of 13 (children must be accompanied by a parent or carer). We are putting an upper age limit of 25 for this project as by this age most will have left full time education and moved into employment.

Practitoners participating in this project are fully regulated, insured and DBS checked.

Please contact Clare Walters 07984115927. Clare.walters@absolute-specialists.co.uk  (Mirfield, Leeds and Wakefield)

or Maria Hands 07976708750 (Sheffield and Barnsley)

Maria Hands