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Relationship Coach Training

Posted in Events, workshops and retreats on 22/01/2018

Relationship Coach Training

Relationship Coach Training


22nd January and 19th February 2018 9.45 – 2.45

£150 / £100 for people under regular supervision with Absolute Specialists


Open to qualified coaches and therapists and all those who have attended focussed mindfulness training – at any level - in the past.

This will be a two-day workshop rich with learning and reflection. Its aim is to facilitate you to:


·         consider the role of a relationship coach,

·         consider the tools you might need to effectively practice as a relationship coach,

·         revisit focussed mindfulness tools and see how they can be adapted to fit this client group,

.         consider further CPD that will be useful to you,

·         reflect on your own values, fears, and blocks around relationship,

·         explore how you love – what is your own language of love – how do you give and want to receive love?

·         reflect on whether you already have the necessary skills or what else you will need to do to become qualified as an Absolute Relationship Coach.


You will also be given information about the legal process of divorce and about the work of family lawyers and mediators.

Automatic inculsion on the list of qualified relationship coaches on the Absolute Specialists website for those meeting our stringent standards.


Deposit of £50 required by January 1st, the venue will be arranged them depending on numbers.


Call Clare 07984115927 or email clare.walters@absolute-specialists to secure your place and to find out more about becoming an Absolute Specialist in Relationship Coaching.