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Focussed Mindfulness Course staring Jan 2019

Posted in Events, workshops and retreats on 12/01/2019

Focussed Mindfulness Course staring Jan 2019

Focussed mindfulness takes you deep. It cultures a state of pure awareness, deep peace and self-knowledge. Here you find your own support, guidance and wisdom.

Join the course of 2019 and bring a deeper wisdom to your personal practice and your work as a health practitioner, coach and human being.


·         A deep, experiential understanding of focussed mindfulness

·         One to one and group support

·         A life transforming year where you can let go of preconceptions and conditioning, become clear about your own deepest values and what you have to offer and find your path towards realising a fulfilling and congruent life.

·         Experience of the techniques which will give you the confidence to use them with your own clients if this is your wish. Accreditation will be subject to you reflecting on and demonstrating your competence to practice.


The programme consists of the following:

·         10 one day workshops

·         10 one to one supervision sessions

·         5 teaching clinics

·         Email support

·         An Absolute manual with scripts of the techniques

·         A route to accreditation as an Absolute specialist


The workshops   5-6 hour sessions introducing:


Active Listening, The Empty Chair and Conscious Writing

This workshop is an opportunity to practice actively listening to a partner and in turn to be deeply heard. it demonstrates the extraordinary healing power of simply being met.

You will practice the Empty Chair technique which is a neat way of drawing out your own inner wisdom around the issue you have been exploring.

You will also be introduced to the practice of conscious writing (as opposed to journaling) in this session. This is a powerful way to access your deeper, usually unconscious thoughts, feelings and automatic responses. It is a practice you are encouraged to use regularly throughout the year.


Questioning thoughts

Often we are stuck because we have fixed judgements, fears and beliefs that we accept without question. This wonderfully simple technique allows you uncover some of these, see how unhelpful they are and how much freer you would be if you dropped them.

You will have an opportunity to experience and gain confidence in using the technique in the session and be encouraged to study this approach in greater depth afterwards, exploring how, used regularly, it could transform your life.


The Wounded Child

The Wounded Child workshop explores the root cause of our emotional triggers. When we are triggered it is often because we are unconsciously acting out some pain we experienced in the past, usually as a young child, and we have become separated from our hearts and our deeper wisdom. This process allows us to begin to heal the original wound so we are less easily triggered, can remain more mindful in challenging moments and live with more lightness and love.

In this workshop you will see a live demonstration of the technique and then get to give and receive a process. Afterwards there will be an opportunity to explore how you can use it in your practice to give yourself added support after the session.


The Pain Release Process

The Pain Release process is a simple mindfulness meditation where you turn your awareness inward and meet your physical and emotional pain. When we fully open to these feelings they transform and we find ourselves in a state of acceptance, peace and oneness. This is the keystone to the practice of Focussed Mindfulness. It can bring profound and immediate relief for those suffering chronic physical pain such as fibromyalgia, arthritis and wounds as well as emotional pain such as acute anxiety, grief, anger and depression.

Once learned it can be used whenever you need it. Feedback is very positive with most people enjoying better sleep, less pain and a more positive mood and less reliance on pain killers, sleeping pills and other medication.

By the end of the workshop you will:

·         Have an experiential understanding of the technique

·         Be aware of the depth and potential of the process

·         Be clear about the benefits of using the technique in your own practice


 Know Your Own Mind

Do you know your deepest fear? What unconsciously drives you? What has this cost you?

Find your ego's nemesis and explore it, challenge it and let it go.

In these two workshops we will explore the enneagram and identify the three basic fears of the ego. You may begin to see the many subtle ways that these fears have affected your life's path and how they have separated you from love, truth and happiness.

Working in triads we will use the questioning thoughts process, the pain release process and further exercises to dispel some of our deepest fears.

Practicing under supervision. Beginning to work with clients.


The Heart to Heart

The heart to heart is a guided meditation. It has profound healing potential.

The heart to heart gives you an opportunity to say what you really needed to say in a painful situation but couldn't at the time. It is a wonderfully healing process for someone who is grieving, feels disempowered or abused. It allows you to express yourself and let go of harboured feelings. Once the pain is released your heart will open and you will feel freer and able to gain a more objective and loving understanding of events. As with all the other processes in the foundation course it is gently but profoundly healing and offers an opportunity to resolve and move on from painful events.


Parts Exercise

We have different facets to ourselves. These can be matched to archetypes – you will be encouraged to read Carl Jung and Caroline Myss to explore these ideas more deeply if you wish. When an archetype is unconsciously in play it can have a damaging effect on your life, relationships and happiness.  In this practical workshop you will explore your archetypes and learn to step back so you can mindfully move from one to another and respond consciously to whatever is happening on your life.


Children’s Healing Meditation

This guided visualisation that will help you to connect with your body and acknowledge any emotional or physical pain that is present. You will be guided to the root cause of this pain and then begin the process of healing and reconciling it.

You will benefit if you have an illness or are in physical pain, if there is a trauma in your past that you feel is unresolved or if you are a practitioner interested in learning more about this powerful healing tool.

Once experienced, we will discuss how this meditation can be adapted for use with children.


Ethics, regulation, accreditation, insurance and the future: manifesting an abundant and fulfilling life

We will critically read through Absolute specialists’ code of ethics and explore safeguarding, the law, regulation, insurance and the necessity of person-centred supervision in an evolving practice that is based on integrity, acceptance and kindness.  You will explore what form of supervision will support you best as you move in to developing your own client base.

Over the year you will have cleared away a lot of ‘baggage’ in the form of pain, fear, saboteurs, inhibitions and inner conflicts. The intellectual mind often needs some convincing that things have really healed and that the change can be permanent. We will use a guided meditation to physically experience how different the future will be now deep healing has occurred, we have cleared the dis-ease and we are in touch with our hearts.

This will be a joyous and affirming workshop which will support us all as we move closer towards living a life that is truly congruent with our deepest values.


One to one supervision

10 sessions over the year with an Absolute Supervisor where you can explore and be supported with your own personal issues and any challenges that the course brings.


Teaching clinics

Observe an experienced practitioner working with real world clients and then join a discussion with other focussed mindfulness trainees and experienced practitioners on the approach taken in the session and an exploration of other interventions that might be employed.


Email support

Clare and other Absolute specialists will be available to respond promptly to your reflections and offer support throughout the year.



As the year unfolds you will receive sections of a manual so by the end of the year you have a written reference for all the processes.



Once you have completed the foundation year you may be invited to work towards accreditation as a Focussed Mindfulness practitioner. This will involve reflecting on your confidence in using the techniques with clients in an appropriate and creative way, examples of how you have applied the techniques in practice and a critical appraisal of the results achieved and how you might have improved on the process. The reflection will also consider your own spiritual journey thus far and your CPD needs and plans for the following year.

Absolute Specialists accredited practitioners must hold appropriate public liability insurance and agree to abide by the Absolute Specialists code of ethics and conduct.

The Director of Absolute Specialists reserves the right to withhold accreditation until you have undertaken further personal development work to address any areas where this is deemed necessary. You have the right to appeal.

Once granted accreditation you will be offered an annual review with an Absolute Supervisor where you can reflect on your CPD in the previous year and on your needs for the following year. You will also be eligible for further training such as to become an Integrative coach, relationship coach, Absolute Supervisor or trainer.

Where all these conditions are met and your subscription has been paid you can appear on the Absolute-Specialists directory.



The fee for the foundation year as described above is £2000, concessions are available, please get in touch to discuss your individual circumstance.