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Three day enneagram retreat

Posted in Events, workshops and retreats on 14/05/2016

Three day enneagram retreat


10th, 11th, 12th October 2015 at Croft House Cottage



·        A series of short presentations explaining the enneagram.

·        Reflections and discussions on how you personally identify with each enneagram point and how you play this out in your life.

·        Exercises that raise awareness of your deepest fears and blocks.

·        Time for integration, quiet reflection and journaling.

·        Focussed Mindfulness processes to meet and resolve your fears and blocks.

·        Planning your personal practice for the future - how will you continue to deepen your awareness and release yourself from your unconscious drivers?

Open to people who have attended a PRP workshop, the foundation course or the Focussed Mindfulness intensive retreat.

Please bring something to share at lunchtime. You are welcome to stay for a takeaway in the evening. Local accommodation can be arranged on request.

Please contact Clare to book clare.walters@absolute-specialists.co.uk