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Intensive Course in Focussed Mindfulness

Posted in Events, workshops and retreats on 15/09/2017

Intensive Course in Focussed Mindfulness

Focussed Mindfulness Intensive


A course offering an experience of the Focussed Mindfulness techniques.

"What a gift this has been. I feel healed and whole. This was a personal journey worth every penny" Lisa, -counsellor - after the May course.

'Each time I am with Clare at a session or retreat, I release some more emotional feelings and memories.  I have never been able to access some of this since I locked it away, and it is fairly revolutionary for me.  My journey in Focused Mindfulness is amazing, startling and wonderful.  '  Jo - life coach - after retreat 5.6.16·        

·         Heal from past trauma

          Gain a more objective and accepting perspective of physical and emotional pain

·         Learn how to maintain a freer and happier approach to life

In this three day residential you will learn the principle Focussed Mindfulness techniques through a combination of teachings, meditations, demonstrations and personal experience. Supported throughout by experienced practitioners in a nurturing and comfortable setting.

By the end of the course you will have:

·         gained  a deep, experiential understanding of the practice

·         undergone a transformatory shift in your perspective on life

·         become confident in using practices for your own healing and spiritual development

·         received a  handbook of the techniques

·         established a structure of support as you to take the next steps in your journey

this is a complete course in itself, but if you decide after it you would like to continue your studies:

1.       Gain confidence and understanding of the practice in your personal practice, in one to one sessions with a FM practitioner and in co-therapy work with your peers

2.       Attend further training retreats 

3.       Attend the practitioner retreat (by invitation only) 

3.       Work towards accreditation as a FM practitioner

"The processes I have learned on the Absolute Specialists programme have been incredibly powerful. They seem to really establish connections between physical and emotional symptoms and enable painful memories to be revisited and released. I have found the technique work beautifully alongside homeopathy as the sensations describes by the client during these processes can really help inform which remedies are likely to be most effective." Abi Bryant-Smith RSHom.


Please contact  clare.walters@absolute-specialists.co.uk   01484 866747


Absolute Specialists© is a company training people in Focussed mindfulness ©. We offer a supportive community with a shared ethos, ongoing professional development and guidance to develop your practice and pass on the benefits of this powerful healing work in your own way.