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Gnosis through Focussed Mindfulness

Posted in Philosophy on 16/03/2015

Gnosis through Focussed Mindfulness

The FOUNDATION COURSE will develop your Gnosis or ‘knowledge of the heart’. It does this through a suite of exercises, the most powerful of which is the Pain Release Process which takes you to a direct experience of your inner knowing. throughout the course you will be supported and encouraged to access this knowing regularly so it has an increasing influence on you and begins to become your inner guide, inspiring your way of being in the world.

As the year progresses this will affect your health, relationships, sense of purpose and how you guide others who are on their own spiritual or healing journey. At the end of the course you may want to undertake further training and practice and become a Focussed Mindfulness practitioner and an Absolute Supervisor. When you graduate from this course you will be uniquely qualified to supervise people in the healing professions as well as anybody else looking to undergo continuing personal and professional development.

Learn more at an introductory talk.

There is one on 26th March and another on 29th March. click on the dates to go through to the booking site.

And find more about training in Focussed Mindfulness elsewhere on this blog site.