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The Journey Frees You To Heal

Posted in Philosophy on 22/03/2015

The Journey Frees You To Heal

The Journey was developed by Brandon Bays in her quest to heal her own uterine tumour. When diagnosed she had worked for years as a psychotherapist and nutritionist and yet she had still become ill. She realise that she had not come to terms with the trauma she had experienced in her childhood: the feelings at that time had threatened to overwhelm her so, as a survival strategy, she had locked them away and there they had remained ever since. Over time these trapped emotions had affected her cells and had led to physical illness. The Journey, in a simple and direct way released these trapped emotions and allowed her to process them, seeing the issue from more mature perspective. Her cells, then freed from the negative emotions, were finally free to heal.

Book here http://www.thejourney.com/seminars-schedule/homestream-seminars/

We do not need to have suffered a major trauma to have negative emotions locked inside: when we are small, relatively minor incidents that we have since forgotten can seem overwhelming. The Journey also works to free us from the harmful effects of more recent events, such as a disagreement or bereavement, and in fact Brandon still undergoes regular Journeys to release keep herself free from trapped emotions and so remain well. And she is certainly a testament to the effectiveness of this work.

Normally you would need to travel to London or another European capital to experience a Journey Weekend and hear the teachings of Brandon Bays. But on April 25th /26th it is being offered here in Mirfield in the nurturing environment of Croft House Cottage……and because of the favourable exchange rate with the Euro it has never been at such a low cost.

Book now to guarantee you place – numbers are limited to 10. Book here: http://www.thejourney.com/seminars-schedule/homestream-seminars/