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Foreword to From Pain to Peace

Posted in Philosophy on 21/05/2015

Foreword to From Pain to Peace

Thank you for showing an interest in this particular type of Mindfulness. It offers you a route to better health and the techniques are unbelievably accessible, gentle and easy to learn. I choose the word ‘unbelievably’ carefully. One of the biggest challenges I have encountered as I have worked to raise awareness of Focussed Mindfulness has been to convince health practitioners and prospective clients that yes, it is this easy and yes, if you use these techniques regularly you can heal in a profound and life changing way.

People tend to be drawn to this work because they are experiencing some form of pain. This may be physical, emotional or spiritual. Usually they feel an immediate relief, and as they continue to practise the techniques they gain more and more benefit: their pain is released and they feel happier and more engaged with life. Focussed Mindfulness changes your perspective, allowing you to become increasingly aware of a deep sense of stillness and acceptance within yourself which leaves you calmer, clearer and happier.

I developed the techniques after experiencing first-hand the work of the world’s leading and ground-breaking teachers in the field of healing and then sharing what I learned with my clients and students. Over time the practice has evolved and developed in line with my personal understanding of spirituality, pain and health. It offers an alternative to medication and a life preoccupied by managing chronic pain, and with continued use it can bring about positive changes in lifestyle, relationships and attitudes to work. Put together the techniques quieten the chatter of the thinking mind, allow the body to begin healing itself and bring about an ever deeper experience of inner peace. I believe and hope that my work is contributing in small part to a revolution in approach to healthcare that is just beginning in the West: a fundamental turnaround from the present system where the ‘patient’ looks to acquire a quick fix to their illness from a health care ‘expert’ to one where each individual is helped to find a more conscious and positive way of being which will support their own intrinsic healing process.

In this book I will explore the meaning and cause of pain and trace the evolution of Focussed Mindfulness and describe how it works, sometimes using real life examples. I have offered exercises at the end of each chapter so you can begin to put your learning into practise.

I suggest that you read the book a chapter at a time and practise the exercises for a few days before reading on. This will get you into the habit of taking time each day to reflect and remind yourself that you have a choice about how you experience your pain and how you live with it and that you can continue to release pain so you are increasingly free of it.

Keep the book as a reference to return to from time to time.