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Optimise your healing potential

Posted in Philosophy on 04/10/2015

Optimise your healing potential

Are you neglecting your emotional well-being?.

As Cancer Maverick Nina Joy put it: ‘If you do not sort what is going on in your head then you are wasting your time on the rest of the stuff!’

The focus of recovery and prevention from illness tends to be on nutrition, detoxing, exercise and medication, and yet a negative mental and emotional state can undermine the best of efforts. It is like putting top quality fuel in a sports car without first tuning the engine.

We all know that acute anxiety can affect our digestion, our heart rate and our sleep and give us sweaty palms, a dry mouth and a flushed face and a more a prolonged state can lead to fatigue, high blood pressure or even a stomach ulcer. If an emotion can have effects on such a wide range of organs in the body it stands to reason that it will also impact on the immune system and our innate healing response.

There are many ways to raise the level of our emotional health and in so doing give our bodies the optimum conditions in which to heal and stay well.

Firstly we can look at our thoughts. We tend to catastrophise when we receive a diagnosis of a serious illness, letting our thoughts go wild about the possible consequences. Such thoughts affect our emotions which can ultimately impact on our physical health.  There are many simple techniques that can be used to calm our thoughts and keep a positive state of mind.

Secondly we can look at our habitual thought patterns. If we begin to become mindful of these we may notice that we frequently respond with anger, fear shame or grief to people or events in our lives. Once these are conscious we can learn how to reprogramme ourselves and change these patterns.

Thirdly, we can look at how traumatic events in our past are still affecting how we think and react. We might then choose to address and heal these so they no longer affect us negatively.

Freeing ourselves from negative thoughts and feelings will have a huge benefit on our relationships, our health and our happiness. It is to be recommended to everyone – with or without a cancer diagnosis! And of course it is something you can do alongside the other changes you choose to make in your life to support your own healing.

You might want to start by reading one of the many, many books on the subject of emotional healing. For instance: ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ by Louise Hay, ‘The Journey’ by Brandon Bays, ‘The Answer Is You’ by Michael Beckwith, ‘Be Happy’ by Robert Holden, ‘The Gentle Art of Blessing’ by Pierre Pradervand or ‘The Five Things You Can Change and The Happiness we Find by Embracing Them’ By David Richo.

Alternatively – or as well – you might want to work with a healing partner such as a Mindfulness teacher, Life Coach, Counsellor or Psychotherapist to help you optimise your emotional health. Either way, please make this aspect of your healing work a priority –what is to lose?