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Supervision is vital for a healthy practice

Posted in Philosophy on 26/10/2015

Supervision is vital for a healthy practice

Person-centred supervision is an art. It guides practitioners to a place where they have a freer perspective on themselves, their relationships and their practice as well as their clients. It empowers the supervisee to come to their own solutions and, with practice, to become more and more able to do this for themselves.

Supervision is normally seen as somewhere to take problems, offload the burden of responsibility and gain guidance and support to make the right decisions. At worst it is also seen as somewhere you feel judged, criticised and defensive. Person-centred supervision, by contrast, empowers and develops you as a practitioner, at the same time offering a supportive space where you can safely explore any challenges that you have.

I believe that everyone in a caring or managerial role will benefit from supervision and in so doing become more confident, effective and wise.  

 It is my passion for supervision that led me to develop a supervisor's training course which I launched in 2014. The second cohort of trainees is currently on the programme. It is suitable for health practitioners and coaches who are willing to explore within and learn the art experientially. You will find a qualified supervisor here .http://absolute-specialists.co.uk/practitioners.asp

Training to become a supervisor is probably the best profesisonal development you can experience. Learn more about the training here http://absolute-specialists.co.uk/supervision.asp