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React Consciously to Fear

Posted in Philosophy on 29/11/2015

React Consciously to Fear

React consciously to the fear.

To paraphrase Marianne Williamson and others: you cannot drive dark out with more dark, only light will do that and you cannot drive out hatred and fear with more hatred and fear. Only love can do that.

Listening to the radio today where an interviewer was asking people their opinion on the bombing there were two camps: the thoughtful and the thoughtless.

The thoughtful people had looked back through history, examined the factors that lead to the current crisis and considered if and how bombing could bring about the desired outcomes. They had also examined their consciences to see if they could morally justify such action.

The thoughtless people were generally of the opinion that we must retaliate, take action and eradicate our enemies to save lives. By this I assume they mean Western or British lives.

I think it is our duty to challenge all thinking on the subject. To encourage others to question their first reactions and discover for themselves what they truly believe to be the wise and right action.

It may help to ask ourselves 'What would love do?'

Aren’t we all humans with the same capacity to feel pain and love? Aren’t we all part of the vast collective consciousness that is Humanity? If we hurt one we hurt all. If we can take personal responsibility to respond with wisdom and compassion we will be making a tiny, positive contribution to the whole.

So let us ask ourselves this question and then take whatever action we can. Meet fear with wisdom and love whether you encounter it within or without. Contact you MP, start a conversation in the pub. Speak up when you hear fear. I do not know what the right action is for our Government. But it surely isn’t to simply do something because that has to be better than doing nothing.