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Relationship Coach Training

Posted in Focussed Mindfulness Training on 09/07/2016

Relationship Coach Training

Relationship Coach Training Workshop 9th – 11th July 2016

Open to anyone who has attended focussed mindfulness training – at any level - in the past.

This will be a 3 day workshop rich with learning and connections to:

·         Collectively consider the role of a relationship coach and come up with your definition

·         Learn some new tools that are invaluable for supporting someone looking to improve their relationship (S).

·         Revisit focussed mindfulness tools and see how they can be adapted to fit this client group

·         Reflect on your own values, fears, and blocks around relationships.

·         How do you love? – what is your own language of love – how do you give and want to receive love?

·         Explore when to call in The Law – working with family lawyers and mediators.

·         Consider what qualification as an Absolute Relationship Coach would entail for you.



£300 training fee

£25 venue and catering – all meals from morning coffee on 9th to afternoon tea on 11th

£20 a night b and b

Deposit required by June 1st. numbers limited to 9.

Call Clare 07984115927 or email to secure your place