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Focussed mindfulness healed my deep grief

Posted in Practicing focussed mindfulness on 05/06/2016

Focussed mindfulness healed my deep grief

9 years ago I had pain in my jaw and visited a cranial osteopath….the tears started then and I had no idea why. They were uncontrollable; the slightest insignificant event would set them flowing.

I was determined to ‘heal’. I ‘knew’ that to heal I had to find and resolve the buried cause of my tears. I read numerous books, saw a fabulous therapist , took myself on a Mindfulness course- did everything possible to comprehend the source of my grief: I have had a ‘normal’ life- with loving parents, so why did the tears continue? In May 2015 I attended a taster PRP day course with Clare. Fascinated at what she could do, but convinced that I was really not able to ‘do it’ I invested in 5 one-to-one sessions- wow! Amazed at how much better I felt I attended  the  Intensive 3 day course in September 2015.

I left that weekend in a state of Peace and Calm- wondering if I could ever feel like this all by myself. It was the transformation I had been searching for.

Since then I have invested in every course Clare has had on offer. Investing in myself. May 2016 and I ‘get’ it. I don’t have to search anywhere for anything- I have peace, calm, inner wisdom and happiness right here right now. What a relief!

Invest in the 3 day intensive and start your journey! No amount of reading can replace the Intensive weekend experience.  Love, Peace, Kindness, Wisdom…you have it all , Focussed Mindfulness  simply helps you connect with it. It will transform your life and benefit all around you. there is one on 24th June and another on 24th September - book soon as the numbers are limited. How do I book?

Enjoy! x