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Healing Relationships Workshop

Posted in Events, workshops and retreats on 09/07/2016

Healing Relationships Workshop

Healing Relationships Workshop


Attendance at this workshop will qualify you as a Relationship coach and a divorce coach (if you have your licence as an FM practitioner or similar qualification)

July 9,10,11th 2016  Fee £300


Gain the confidence, clarity and skills to work with:

·         Separated parents wanting to work together to care for their loved ones

·         Business partners wanting to create a more equal and constructive partnership

·         Couples wanting to revitalize and rekindle the love in their relationship

·         Divorcing couples wanting to split amicably and avoid court

·         Managers (and parents!!) wanting to relate better to their team

We will explore:

·         A different approach to the questioning thoughts exercise which is particularly powerful in relationship work

·         Working with the wounded child in relationship work

·         How to diffuse heightened emotions and help clients to remain calm and ‘in their wisdom’

·         Coaching clients to communicate authentically and respectfully

·         Supporting bullied clients to regain their power

·         Other techniques which will be useful to have in your toolbox

The will also be information and discussion around

·         The divorce process – options open to clients

·         Financial implications of divorce and how to advise clients

·         The law regarding the care of children after divorce

·         Child protection issues

·         Domestic abuse issues

A collaborative lawyer, financial advisor and social worker will join us briefly to give information and answer questions.

As always we will be working on ourselves, so we will be exploring our values, fears and judgements around relationships throughout the course. There will be personal healing, support and exploration woven throughout.

Numbers on this workshop will be limited. Please email asap to request your place which, if one is offered to you, can be secured on receipt of a deposit.