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Helen's Story

Posted in Practicing focussed mindfulness on 09/07/2016

Helen's Story

During the time I have been with Absolute Specialists as Client, Student, Practitioner, I have started to look at the world through compassionate eyes, and with an open heart. I react to situations I would normal react with anger, now in a calmer way. It is now easier for me to react from wisdom instead of pride. I shout less than I normally would – well not at all now, I am in control. In return my children are more receptive and understanding.

I have gained in confidence as a Student on the Focussed Mindfulness Course from meeting in triads (group supervision), and mostly this year from attending Retreats. Through practising techniques on my fellow students, my friends, acquaintances and family members including my husband I have seen a change in the way I work. I am not tense in the process, worrying if I am doing right. I am slower at speaking, and in turn I have see a change in the people I have helped for the better.

The most valuable thing I have gained is healing from the scars of my childhood. I truly feel love inside and love for others. I am mindful of my thoughts. Healing from the side effects of medication, relapse and making the leap to find new love and getting married, has been an epic journey of self discovery.

Work with Absolute Specialist this year has been profound. I have found that I have everything I need inside of me. I don't need my friends to be my mum...I am my mum. I feel connected to all and inside. I trust my judgements and beliefs even if they are not accepted. At last my voice is heard...if I speak from the heart..I am heard. I am blessed with a husband now that listens with an open heart to my thoughts and I listen to him with an open heart. This has been the most healing for me.

This course on Focussed Mindfulness has give me the tools and skills I need that I can practice daily, that helps me with physical and emotional dis-ease. I can calm my mind chatter and slow down instead of getting into manic thoughts and behaviour. I'm listening to my body and nourishing it with sleep, food and grounding. As I have to look after myself in order to be whole, present and safe to help others.

As a Practitioner I am feeling confident to help others, and with continual professional development
in the form of supervision and attending retreats and re-sits, I can ensure I am giving the best to my clients...that I am giving a safe, secure, non-judgemental environment so that I am coming from a place of wisdom which is not ego driven.

🌟Focussed Mindfulness is an amazing healing practice that leads you towards a happier, healthier freer contented life.

Helen's name has been changed to protect her identity


Helen's name has been chnged to protect her identity🌟