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Support for Anxious and Depressed Young People

Posted in Practicing focussed mindfulness on 03/11/2016

Support for Anxious and Depressed Young People

Help your teenager to:

·         gain a sense of self-worth and confidence,

·         explore their internal compass guiding them to what is right for them and giving them the courage to express this,

·         blossom and find their way in the world.

We offer young people a safe space to talk about their problems.  We listen when they are anxious and lost, unmotivated, vulnerable to external influences or turning to some form of self-harming.

We support them to develop an inner strength, find their internal compass and learn to trust themselves.

We give them the tools to cope with life and all the challenges they will face.

The usual course is 5 sessions with exercises to practise in between and email support for them.

Give us a call to arrange for you both to come for a coffee with one of our experienced, regulated and kind practitioners. If there is good rapport we can take it from there and if it is clear it isn’t going to work we can help you find the right person.

The Focussed mindfulness programme is a fresh approach to emotional wellbeing. It gets to the root cause of problems, reveals a healthier perspective and teaches techniques to continue the healing process between sessions. It does not require clients to talk about their issues. It gives tools for living a congruent, happy and fulfilled life.

‘’Thank you so much for what you have done with Rosie. When I first brought her she was very down and difficult to talk to, she seemed really lost and at one point she mentioned suicide. I didn’t think she actually meant it but it was a terribly low point for me, I just didn’t know what to do to help. In the five sessions she seems to have grown up. She is more confident and communicative and is taking responsibility for herself. It feels like we can talk woman to woman. I wish every teenager could be taught these tools.’’

‘’you have helped Jamie through a really difficult period. He has gone from a miserable, uncommunicative kid who hid in his room all day to a bright young man who is engaging with the family again and seems full of hope for the future.’’

‘’ I have got my daughter back’’.