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Introducing Focussed Mindfulness
Posted in Philosophy, Focussed Mindfulness in Business on 03/09/2016
Focussed Mindfulness offers you an unbelievably accessible, gentle and easy route to a calmer, more fulfilled and healthier life.
React Consciously to Fear
Posted in Philosophy on 29/11/2015
We cannot extinguish darkness with more darkness - only light can do that - and we cannot eradicate fear and hatred with more fear or hatred - only love can do that.
Supervision is vital for a healthy practice
Posted in Philosophy on 26/10/2015
As well as giving you somewhere to off-load, person-centred supervision guides you to a more enlightened perspective of yourself, your clients and your practice.
Optimise your healing potential
Posted in Philosophy on 04/10/2015
It is important to take care of your emotional well-being if you want to achieve optimal health and the best possible conditions for healing from illness
Be still and listen to your inner truth
Posted in Philosophy on 18/09/2015
listen with an open mind, heart and will and transform your relationships and your world
Questions and Answers about Focussed Mindfulness
Posted in Philosophy on 26/07/2015
Clare answers some frequently asked questions about Focussed Mindfulness
Foreword to From Pain to Peace
Posted in Philosophy on 21/05/2015
'Focussed mindfulness changes your perspective, allowing you to become increasingly aware of a stillness within....'
The Journey Frees You To Heal
Posted in Philosophy on 22/03/2015
In my twenty one years as health practitioner I have found The Journey to be the most powerful tool I use. The Journey gets straight to the root of the problem, digs it out and leaves you free to heal.
Gnosis through Focussed Mindfulness
Posted in Philosophy on 16/03/2015
Focussed Mindfulness will develop your Gnosis or knowledge of the heart inspiring your way of being in the world.
My Experience at A Journey Retreat
Posted in Philosophy on 25/02/2015
The Journey teaching of unconditional acceptance runs through the entire organisation from Brandon Bays and her head trainers, through the support staff and volunteers to the delegates experiencing the work for the first time