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Healing Relationships Workshop
Posted in Events, workshops and retreats on 09/07/2016
Gain the confidence, clarity and skills to work with separating couples, divorcing couples, business partners, managers, anyone else wanting to put their relationship on a better footing
Three day enneagram retreat
Posted in Events, workshops and retreats on 14/05/2016
at Croft House Cottage Mirfield Find how you personally identify with each enneagram point and how you play this out in your life; raise awareness of your deepest fears and blocks: continue to deepen your awareness and release yourself from your unconscious drivers
Introduction to Focussed Mindfulness in Bangor and Yorkshire
Posted in Events, workshops and retreats on 06/02/2016
These friendly, enlightening and uplifting workshops are running in London, Manchester, Bangor and Norwich in the next few months......
The Journey in Yorkshire
Posted in Events, workshops and retreats on 29/01/2016
There is a Journey Intensive here in Mirfield on 30th and 31st January 2016. I will facilitate the day, supported by gifted Journey practitioner Sarah Wiltshire, and Brandon Bays will be streamed into the seminar room.