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Hazel Bamber

"I became fascinated by how people suffered as they got older and seemed to be caught in a downward health spiral."

Specialist For

  • Retirement
  • Absence and Stress Management
  • Employee Performance
  • Anxiety, Stress and Sleep Problems

I became aware, from my own experience over many years in public services, of how so many people experience health issues, caught up in what seems to be a downward health spiral.

Determined to explore this before retirement and through a midlife search for a change in my working life, I retrained and began to practice techniques that are empowering and enable people to find and maintain their own life balance.

I made the personal life change to work independently and now work with individuals and groups experiencing challenges, with the aim of enabling people to maximise their health and wellbeing. I believe that we all deserve to get the most from our lives, whatever our age or lifestyle.


  • Accredited Absolute Specialist and trainee supervisor
  • Qualified and Registered Homeopath; RSHom
  • Qualified teacher of Adults; Cert. Ed.
  • Qualified Social Worker; MSW


  • Private practice over 7 years, working with individual’s emotional and physical health concerns
  • Retirement from full time employee to run own practice, achieving a better work/life balance
  • Extensive experience over 30 years in care work as facilitator, mentor, coach, trainer and manager

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