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Jo Carr

"Changing lives by building skills and strengthening resilience."

  • Dealing with anxiety
  • Building confidence
  • Resilience and motivational coaching
  • Management and development coaching

My journey to discover Focussed Mindfulness has been a rich and full one, both professionally and personally. I chose to add this approach to my set of tools as a practitioner because the simplicity of the techniques was so striking to me.

My entire adult career has been connected to working with people who are dealing or coping with some kind of obstacle or barrier. From a role in my early twenties as a deputy manager in a Citizens Advice Bureau, I was struck by how complex life can be, and how differently individuals cope with the difficult situations life presents us with. For the more recent part of my career, much of my focus is on how we can build resilience as human beings, how we can learn to understand the relationship between our emotions and our physical health, and how we can grow as humans in a complex world.

Focussed Mindfulness has been, and still is, part of my personal development journey. As an individual I have a constant drive and enthusiasm for making change happen – Focussed Mindfulness has helped me learn how to be more present, and how to harness that energy effectively.

As well as being a Focussed Mindfulness practitioner, I am also qualified Management Coach and I run an Organisational Development business which supports organisation’s to develop and grow their capacity and capability - by developing their people and structures. I have a large family and a busy timetable, so I make time for yoga, meditation and friendship’s in my life to keep the balance that I need. I love to travel, to camp, to watch live music and I read constantly.


  • ILM 5 Coaching and mentoring
  • Focused Mindfulness practitioner
  • NVQ 4 in Care and RMA (registered managers award
  • Certificate in Counselling Skills and Theory
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