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Julie Swindle

"After working as an Auxiliary for the NHS for 8 years I left to have a family. Once they had grown I worked in Training departments for the NHS..."

  • Focussed Mindfulness
  • Clinical Reflexology

After working as an Auxiliary for the NHS for 8 years I left to have a family. Once they had grown I worked in Training departments for the NHS initially and then for the Local Authority. Over the years I experienced varying amounts of stress whilst bringing up my family and working to provide for them as many people do. The stressful situations I found myself in sometimes became too much which took its toll on my mental wellbeing. I was during one of these situations that I tried complementary therapies such as Reflexology and Acupuncture which helped me to cope with the stress, so I decided I would like to study as a Reflexologist so that as well as having the knowledge to help my self I could help my family and friends.

During my course I read Brandon Bay’s book “The Journey”, which was absolutely fascinating and gripped me so much that I just had to experience a Journey process. I was hooked and could see that this was the way forward and that to deal with the emotions behind the “dis-ease” was a more effective approach than masking the emotions with medication. My circumstances didn’t allow for me to train as a practitioner at that time but I kept it in my mind knowing that if ever I got stressed or anxious again I would certainly use the process again.

In 2014 searching the internet for a Journey practitioner led me to Clare Walters, so I booked a process with Clare and experienced the other processes that Clare practices as Focussed Mindfulness. I was so impressed with the range of processes available that could be used to deal with a range of situations, that I joined the practitioner course, qualifying in early 2016. I am training to be an Absolute Mindfulness Supervisor which will help me to support practitioners in supervision and helping them to deal with their issues. Absolute Mindfulness has been an enlightening experience that has helped me to develop my skills and grow as a practitioner, helping me to improve my holistic approach to helping clients


  • Clinical Reflexologist – Member of the Association of Reflexologists (MAR), since 2007
  • Foundation Degree – Educational Management and Administration – Graduated in 2011
  • Absolute Mindfulness Practitioner – qualified in 2016
  • Absolute Mindfulness Supervisor – Student with Absolute Specialists – ongoing

Email - juliemswindle1@yahoo.co.uk

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