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Maria Hands

I enjoy working with people and began my career in customer service within the UK's largest hospitality company. I was with the company for over 10 years and during this time I continued to develop and grow my skills within a variety of roles. I worked with people as individuals or in a group setting.


  • Take back control of your life and steer your mind in a more loving, healthy, happy and positive direction
  • Find an alternative to being stuck in the same patterns.
  • Learn to use Focussed Mindfulness to keep yourself on a better track

Focussed Mindfulness© is a simple yet deeply profound approach that brings about physical, mental and emotional healing enabling you to see life from a healthier perspective. The techniques are straightforward, kind and short.

The world is full of interesting people with unique experiences, issues and stories but I feel that as the world gets busier we seem to have less and less time to stop and really listen to one another. I feel privileged to be able to give people a safe, supportive and non-judgemental space to release the conscious or sub-conscious stress, anxiety and pain we experience on a daily basis but try to ignore.

I've always had a personal interest in alternative and complementary health. When I became pregnant with my first child I really wanted to understand how I could give my child the best possible start in life. During my search for gentler and safer alternatives for me and my growing family whilst pregnant I had my first experience of Homeopathy. During this period Homeopathy had consistently supported my wellbeing on both a physical and emotional level and improved my health all round. It soon became obvious that I had discovered something special. It had such a massive impact on my life that I just knew I needed to learn more. As a result I decided my career was about to take a me on a completely different path. And so my journey with Homeopathy really began. After successfully completing 4 years of training I qualified from The Yorkshire School of Homeopathy in 2007.

I have 4 young children, so we regularly use Homeopathy and experience the amazing results and support that it brings, not only to the children, but to us as parents. As they grow and develop, Homeopathy supports them through the many challanges and common ailments of childhood. The 4 years in training was truly life changing on many levels but it also increased my interest the nature of dis-ease. However, now I found myself wanting to know more about "why" as well as "how" we become ill. No longer just satisfied with treating the symptoms as they revealed themselves I now wanted to address the root cause. Imagine been able to address the dis-ease before it takes hold.

This lead me to the work of Focussed Mindfulness.

Through doing this work I have been able to gain a greater perspective on many different areas of my life. It has supported me through periods of uncertainty, fear, anxiety, stress, pain and grief. I have learned that fighting my physical or emotional pain is truly exhausting and that the fear of "it" has been far greater than the reality. It has been an invaluable tool that has enabled me to break the patterns that I was repeating, enabling me to truly move forward and live life to the full. I now feel freer, happier and more able to enjoy the here and now.

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